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" Another went to Sabin, the division superintendent. " The dignity melted before his vanity. ' boomed the voice, getting louder and louder and ending in a fearful frightening shout that rattled Charlie's eardrums. Into the breach, dear friends, the breach. Ain't you the real thing in Jesse Jameses. The outlaw rolled a cigarette deftly and borrowed a match. "The old man has just sent me out on hurry-up orders. Suggest you take in the show at the opera house to-night to pass the time. 'Kindly j et yourself over to the far corner of the Elevator there and turn that handle. You rest there comfortable while I take these pins down and let the kid out. Collins, his arm around English children by way of comfort, offered a sardonic smile at the consternation his announcement and its fulfillment had created, but none of his fellow passengers were in the humor to respond. ' cried Grandpa George, whizzing round and round, his nightgown billowing out behind him like the tail of a parrot. "I expect I'll hear this time he's skipped over to Winslow," he told himself, with a rueful grin. What's more, I haven't seen her in that time, either.